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6 Best Tips in 2021: How to tell a girl you like her

by Predo

At first, it is clear that you are in love with her, but you haven’t started dating her yet. Second, it is possible that the two of you could date, but you want to let them know that you are very serious about the relationship. 

The hardest part is that the girl falls in love with you. Avoid asking the girl if you like her, contrary to what many of your friends may believe. This is because you leave your hope to chance and fate. This is undoubtedly a bad move.

The best part about falling in love with a friend is that it can go either way. At this point, you like them just enough to be happy to be in your life. And since you’ve had the title of “friend” for a while, this is a role you’re used to.

6 Steps: How to tell a girl you like her

No matter what people tell you, yes boys and girls can only be friends. But sometimes, when you get close enough to someone, your feelings can change. It may not be love at first sight, but it is something much stronger and you’re gonna find how to tell a girl you like her.

So how do you try to take the step without sabotaging your close bond? Try some of these tips if you don’t want to destroy what you already have.

1.Invite them for coffee.

Ask them to go one-on-one with you without any other friends. Try scheduling it in the afternoon to take away some of the “date” aura around it. Your reaction will tell you a lot: if she apologizes, she probably isn’t too interested. But if she looks surprised and says yes, the feelings are likely to reciprocate. The best part about this tactic is that it’s just coffee. People always have coffee.

2.Make eye contact and smile.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but women understand these subtle tips. When you make eye contact, you demonstrate that you are attached to them. With a smile, they say you enjoy their company. When they reciprocate your feelings, they may do the same in return. Always focus on body language because it often says more than words.

3.Tell her you to have no idea how single she is.

A sentence like this is a great compliment and also a way of telling her how to tell a girl that you like her you believe it is material to a friend. In response, she might get a little self-deprecating, especially if she hasn’t been connected for a while. Keep being positive. When the time is right, a “I’ve always had a crush on you” might be fine.

4.Underestimate it a little.

Do you know how I mentioned “Little Crush”? Even if you have a huge crush on them, the intensity can put them off. Small bruises can easily evaporate into thin air. Don’t worry about telling her you’ve been thinking about her every day and night.

For this reason, it’s often best to let Crushes know how you feel at first because if you don’t invest that much time, you’re less likely to get hurt and be honest by saying it’s just developing.

5.Say there is no pressure but you think they are really cool.

To be honest, some women can withdraw from men if they don’t have a romantic interest in them after learning they are a crush. It’s just a gentle way to save feelings and give yourself time to get over them.

If your crush is strong, this break may be just what you need. But if your crush is new enough, things don’t necessarily have to change much. Don’t corner her with your feelings. If you just let her know that you think she is strong, the ball will be put in its place.

6.Don’t do big public scenes.

Yes, girls like romantic movies where guys make a great scene about how much in love they are. But it’s just a crush and if you don’t know how she feels, you can really embarrass her. If she considered you just a friend, this would be the perfect way to end any kind of relationship as it will forever be ingrained in her head and she will have a hard time getting over it.

Keep it between you two. When the feelings are mutual and you end up dating someone, you have plenty of moments for the big gestures.

Admitting how to tell a girl you really like her is a big step, especially when you are close. But the best relationships really come from sincere friendships. So, being honest with your feelings isn’t a bad idea. You know, it’s much better to be out there than to hide your true feelings. If you never admit your crush, you may always wonder what it could have been.

26 Ways: How to tell a girl you like her over text

How to tell a girl you like her over text? before you text a girl that you like her, I want you to remind yourself of a few things:

1.Don’t worry, it’s all about text so the rejection can’t be that serious

2.Always be authentic, girls can tell if you really mean business, even from the text

3.Do your best to follow as many steps as you can and comment if you have any questions!

1.When you are telling a girl, you like text

Before I tell you what to say, you need to know when to say it!

You just came up to her on the street

You’re meeting on your first date

You are about to send messages to each other

If you tell him too soon, he will see you as the needy guy in the relationship and leave you!

2.The direct way

If you want to know how to tell a girl you like her by text, here’s what you don’t want to say

Maybe we’d be good together because I like you

I feel really good about becoming good friends because I like you

But like I said, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. So make sure you sound as sincere and confident as possible.

3.Tell a girl how you like her in a random text conversation

Start an informal conversation via SMS.

Ask her about her day. Make some jokes, laugh around. Warm it up.

4.Use the free recognition technique to show how much you like

I can hear you ask, what the hell is the “compliment and appreciation technique”?

While the name makes it sound too complicated, it’s actually quite simple. The Compliment Appreciation Technique is a system I developed to solve a serious problem.

It is for this reason that you use the technique of appreciating compliments. Instead of openly telling her how much you like her, express your appreciation for her so that she will feel loved and cared for.

5.Send us a message you like in a fun way

We all know girls fall in love with men with a great sense of humor. So why not add some humor to your text messages?

6.Send her a compliment so that she will like you

Compliments are another indirect way to tell a girl that you like her that a lot of men use because they are 100% rejected! No girl will ever turn down a compliment.

7.Tell a girl why you love her

How to tell a girl you like her through text why you like her is much better than telling her openly for two reasons:

Reason number 1: You’re backing it up with a reason, you’re not just throwing away the facts.

Reason number 2: You don’t have to wait awkwardly for his answer

8.Win your friend’s heart with text

For some people, the suggestion comes easily. You can easily win your friend’s heart with a formidable proposal. There are others who feel quite shy and nervous and often delay their proposals for fear of rejection. It’s natural to be nervous about your love interest, especially if you want to share your feelings of love with them.

Nobody likes to get a no for an answer and out of that fear you keep delaying. Text and social media messages have made the world a smaller place.

With the number of emoticons and characters available in the text, you can easily convey your sincere messages while ensuring that the other person understands your feeling and tone in the text. They are as good as verbal communication with someone, and sometimes they just get better. You can tell her you like it. Let’s see how you can text your girlfriend that you like her

9.You can start with a casual greeting of the text

This gives your friend a clue that you are interested in her. If she was interested too, she would continue the nice conversation. For now, keep it simple. Maintain communication with short texts, as a long text about your hobbies, favorites or opinions will quickly bore you.

You can say something like, ‘Hey! I just thought I’d say hello. ‘If she reacts quickly and positively, take that as a good sign and move on to normal conversations, like asking her about her day.

10.You can tell her you think she’s pretty on the text

Just a random “hello” out of nowhere makes her wonder why you sent her a message. Write to her that you think she is pretty. This will start your conversations on a good note. Don’t compliment her too much or she will appear wrong. Tell her things that seem authentic.

11.She should think you’re cute on the text too

Writing text messages can be very risky at times. Despite your best efforts, you may seem arrogant or selfish to her. It is difficult to determine the text of the person’s tone or their expressions.

Try to be friendly, sweet, and fun-loving with the text to make a good impression in front of her. Out of nowhere, it will be quite difficult to change this image if you first get the wrong idea about yourself. Make sure she likes you over the text.

12.First, try to pique her interest by talking about things she will like about the text

You need to know a little about them before you can text chat. Your conversation needs to flow in the direction of his interest. Love is the second big thing after a girl likes you. You may like it for your witty or funny text messages. After his answer, you can predict whether or not he began to like you.

13.Write to them at night

Night is the time when a person is done with their personal and professional work and is generally in a relaxed state of mind. If you’re texting your friend, you might get her full attention. First, ask them more about themselves and their work.

Let it open with you. You can engage them in conversation if you show interest and concern in their daily life. Tell her about your day and ask about hers. Write short text messages or he may get bored with reading. Long text messages tend to be very boring.

14.Pick a specific moment for the text

This is slowly becoming a habit for both of you and soon she will be waiting for your text messages. You can easily make her a routine for a few days by asking her about her day and sharing yours with her. Text is a wonderful way to get to know each other. The way you or your girlfriend react to each other’s text messages would tell you a lot about each other.

Try not to be too prescient in your text responses as this will soon bore you. If he asks you, “How was your day?”, You could write something interesting like “It was fun” instead of being vague as “good”. This would keep the conversation busy as he wants to know the details of the text.

15.Don’t keep flirting over text

Don’t always react flirtatiously, but don’t worry too much all the time. Strike a fair balance between the two. Every day, try to write a sentence or two to praise her or to tell her that you enjoy chatting with her. Be different every day and don’t be too obvious. He’ll keep them busy with you. You could write things like “You were very nice!” or “I couldn’t wait to tell you all day, I knew you would find it very funny.”

16.Do not write impolitic or dirty messages in the text

A text message that says “You have a great body” will immediately block you and consider you a pervert. Such interviews should take place days after the two of you proposed and be reasonably comfortable in a relationship.

Sending such messages makes a bad impression on you at first. Your girlfriend would think this is all you want from her and her interest in you will wane. Even if you compliment her on her physical appearance, say things that sound sweet rather than vulgar.

17.Use the correct emoticons for the text if necessary

When we write SMS, we don’t know the tone or expression of a person. This often leads us to wonder if the person took the news positively or negatively. A message that says “No problem” could mean “OK, do what you want, who should I tell you” and could also mean “No problem, I understand”.

Sending emoticons and other characters in text messages is a wonderful way to convey your emotions along with the message. Tell her you find it funny, tell her that you miss it, tell her that you smile, tell her that you are angry, tell her that you are confused, tell her that you are stunned, and many of these expressions use emoticons.

18.Be ready with your text answers

Don’t take too long to reply to the message. You have already found the time to send her a message. Don’t let other distractions bother you as he will become distracted and soon lose interest. Make sure that the time you give her is only for her and that it will win you over to her heart.

19.Try to be funny about the text

Be funny and humorous with your responses to keep them amused and interested, but that doesn’t mean annoying them or sending silly jokes every day. Reading jokes is okay only when you’re bored but not when you need to build a special relationship with your girlfriend.

Her sense of humor will help make her pop, especially if she’s had a rough day. He would appreciate your jokes and even find his mood relieved.

20.Find out his likes and dislikes about the text

Do you like ice cream? Which flavor? Actors you like, food you like best, do you like vegans? You can find out all of this from the texts and this will show her that you are really interested in her and that she will be happy to share her favorites with you too.

21.Talk to her about your views on various topics related to the text

Girls like confident men and before you get them over the text you need to like each other’s personality to avoid any kind of heartbreak later. Share your views on various topics and let me share yours.

22.Tell her something nice about her personality that you like about the text

Girls always like to hear praise. Try to pay her real compliments here and there without sounding too obvious or artificial. This is a surefire trick to win your heart over to the text.

For example, when he tells you what he thinks about something, you can always say, “Wow, that’s a wonderful way of saying it, I would never have thought it myself, I like the way you think.” It seems too improvised and will be delighted with your comment.

23.Create special memories

Share some of your personal favorites with her and ask what her favorites are. Later, when you come across her favorite ice cream taste or song, you can send her a photo of the lyrics. This would put a smile on their face and add warmth to your relationship.

24.The right time to go soft or romantic

After a few days or weeks of texting, the two of you must have established a comfortable connection. Now is a good time to get a little mushy or flirt with her, especially before you say goodbye. It will be like ending with a smile and leaving something pleasant to think about.

25.You can get a little naughty from time to time

You have to do it too, otherwise the wrong picture of you will be sent! Just before you say goodbye, you can write to her: “What are you wearing?” or “I wish I was with you now!” This could send some deep, passionate signals of your death and you could just win your heart over the text.

26.Talk to her about how you feel about her

Girls love to hear what others think of them. Give her a true picture of her nature, her attitudes and all the wonderful things you like about her. This should also happen later, when you know he is showing interest in you and it is time to continue the relationship.

How to tell a girl you like her without ruining the friendship

A common fear most men have is that the girl they love will reject them if they tell her they love her.If you see the girl but don’t know how to tell a girl you like her without ruining the friendship, that shouldn’t worry you. While it may seem scary making a proposal to a girl, this is hands down one of the easier parts.

If you want to tell the girl that you are in love with her, make sure that she loves you too and will give you a positive answer. Use them to tell the girl that you love her.

Be a special friend before you say you love her

You might be her friend but you don’t know how to tell the girl that you love her. That is why you should first make sure that you already have a special place in his heart. Always be there to help when she needs a hand, spend lots of time with her where possible, and have a fun and intellectual conversation with her. Avoid acting like a bad boy.

While it works well with girls, just being friends with her isn’t the right strategy. If you ignore her even though she is her friend, she will consider you an idiot or she will distance herself from you. Because of this, your main concern should be not to be friends.

Chat with her late at night

If you want to tell a girl that you love her, you can text her by chatting at night. Find a good reason to talk to her when she’s in bed. Talking to someone at night is a relaxed feeling and this can lead to something more intimate and personal, even if the two of you start the conversation in a fun way. If this is already happening, you can include some questions in the conversation that will change the direction of the conversation. Some of the topics that you need to include are personal stories, relationships, and what the girl likes in a guy. This can help create the perfect environment for sending words to a girl you love.

Tell the girl you love her on a date

Now that you are only friends but are looking for a way to hang out with her and also talk to her often, you will find that you already have a special place in her heart. If you feel that the girl likes your company, now is the time to take the conversation to the next level.

If you don’t know how to ask girls since you are just friends, you can tell her about the great place you have tried and you want her to be with you. After you date her, treat her special and act like you are going out with your girlfriend.

Once she’s enjoying spending time with you, it is up to you to make sure she misses you when you are not around and that is why she wants to spend time with you.

Flirt with the girl in a subtle way

Now that you call the woman late at night, it is clear that she considers you an important part of her life. You even started taking her on a date. Once you have followed the first steps correctly, you are already in the correct area. But now you want to make sure she knows you love her. A great way to do this is to find a way to flirt with the woman.

In case you’re not sure about having to follow this obvious step, you can send some subtle words through the text first. This way you can be on the safe side. Let them return the favor. There are times when the girl you are looking at is just shy or shy. In other cases, they may just be courteous enough that they don’t want to turn down.

You need to find out if she cares about you, too. If the girl doesn’t call you or doesn’t ask you enough questions, you can ignore her for a few days. Alternatively, you can reduce the number of calls you make to her. If you ignore her for a few days, she will think of you. She will also understand that she is in love with you.

Make sure she likes you

Now that you’ve set the stage to let her know you love her, you want to make sure the woman is in love with you, too. Once you are sure, now is the time to tell her what you are up to.

Don’t sound desperate

Whether you are really in love with the girl or not, you shouldn’t ask her to return your love. Avoid clinging to her like a baby. Even if you are already feeling desperate, you don’t have to prove it.

The reason for this is that desperation will put you in a very uncomfortable situation. At first, the girl might feel flattered. However, he will get angry with you. It will no longer withstand your presence. So, if you feel the need to tell the girl that you love her, avoid it when you are drunk.

Compliments to her

Start by complimenting the girl on some basic things like her outfit. At first, all you can do is tell her how cute she is. You can then take compliments to another level by telling her how beautiful she is. Later, compliment her on a dress that will make her breasts look beautiful. If he reacts badly to any of these compliments; it just shows that she is not ready for a relationship with you.

6 Tips: How to tell a girl you like her without saying it

In any relationship, the time comes to talk about how to tell a girl you like her without saying it. But let’s be honest: the previous part is a game of total seduction by cats and mice. If you’re not ready to “The Talk” about what it means to you, you know you can still do it yours. It all depends on your actions, honey.

1. Tell us how important we are to you.

Don’t just say the words, tell us why. The more you process, the better.

Why do you love us so much? How strongly do you feel like you’ve never felt before?

2. Tell us how you feel when you are with us.

Does your heart quicken a little when we’re close? Or are you scared at the thought of seeing us? Do you look at us and smile when we snuggle up on the sofa to see how you feel in that moment? Whatever you hear, we want to know.

3. Tell us we’re beautiful.

Don’t just say we look sexy or sexy, although sometimes that’s fine. We feel like the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen, even when we’re sweaty without makeup. Tell us how great we are or what you find most attractive about us and not just when you want to have sex.

4. Tell us that we are special.

Treat us differently from everyone else. Is there anything in particular that we find lovable? Why did you fall in love with us in the first place? Why did you choose us when you could have had someone else? We feel like the only girl in the world that was ever important.

5. Tell us we miss you.

Would you like us to be with you? Do you feel like something is missing when we are apart? Would you like us to be the first person you share things with, good or bad? Tell us

6. Tell us we have priority.

We don’t want to feel belated. Do everything so that we feel primarily in your head.

7 Ways: How to tell a girl you like her without telling her

1. Be nice

For most of us, instinct is to piss off the object of our affection and not understand that in reality we spent the night mainly thinking about how to tell a girl you like her without telling her and even dreaming about them before going to bed. Kindness is one of the most disarming things to do in this backward, ceasing culture of “brothers and bitches”.

2. Speak

Don’t think that good gaming sounds cool. You don’t do it. You don’t seem interested. If you are going to grab your wife, you need to have the eggs to approach her, and first. Start with a compliment or a question and know that the next time she’s less polite to you, it won’t be worth it.

3. Ask more questions

One of the most disarming things a man can do is remember the details. If the last time you spoke was that it turned out she had a job review she was nervous about, or that her family would be in town this weekend, ask. She will be totally flattered that you aren’t talking to her just to get in her panties, but because you actually took care of them.

4. Ask for their opinion

Show that it matters in your life by asking her what she thinks about it: what to wear for your mother’s birthday, about that pain test, about your shoes. It doesn’t matter.

5. Photo messages

You don’t need rhyming couplets or sixteen separate iMessages to indicate that you’re thinking about it.

6. Make her laugh

Okay so you think you want to introduce her to mom because you’ve never had a wife before you feel like this. Great! Except that it slows down. Stop making plans and dream of a happy ending. Enjoy every single moment that you are with her and do it while you relax. Be silly, don’t take everything so seriously, have fun. Here’s what a date should be.

7. Touch it

But like it in a friendly way. Take her arm to lead her down the street or this part of the restaurant. Brush the hair off your face. Hug her. Basically anything she does with her friends is a good guide. Touch is original and necessary and, well done, electrifying.

How to tell a girl you like her without making it awkward

Do you have an old friend you want to ask? Maybe there’s a girl in your class you’ve wanted to turn to for years, but you don’t know how to tell a girl you like her without making it awkward. No matter what the situation is, you can help her fall as hard for you as you can for her. This wiki shows you some tips on how to tell a girl you like her without getting rejected.

With these tips, you can tell the girl that you like her without ruining your relationship with her. However, there is no guarantee that everything will go smoothly. Remember that all girls are different and every type of friendship is different too. How he reacts depends on the value he attaches to you as a friend. Remember, telling a girl that you are attracted to her won’t ruin your friendship.

The easiest way to ruin your friendship is if you like him, but don’t force yourself to let him know even though you have the expectation that he will love you. The moment a relationship with someone else begins, your friendship begins to spiral downwards.

It is a big step to admit that you like someone, especially when you are around. But the best relationships really come from sincere friendships. So, being honest with your feelings isn’t a bad idea. Just know that it’s much better to be out there than to hide your real feelings. If you never admit your crush, you might always wonder what it could have been.

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